Project Green Light helps nab two carjacking suspects

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Two carjacking suspects are now in police custody and investigators say it's all thanks to video from Project Green Light.

“We have a real-time center that monitors all Green Lights and then our detectives also have ability to view video on computers as well,” said Lt. Robert Wellman, Detroit Police Dept.

Last Friday, just before 2:00 a.m., a woman pulls into the gas station on Schoolcraft in Detroit to gas up her vehicle.

What she doesn't know is that she's being watched by two bad guys.

But what the suspects do not realize is that their crime is about to be captured  by a Project Green Light camera that links live video feed from gas stations to the Detroit Police Department's Real Time Crime Center.

In that video you see the suspect approaching the woman. Then he produces a handgun, gets into her car and leaves the scene.

The woman then runs after her car with her hands up in the air.

Thanks to the surveillance video, police say the suspects have now been arrested.

“Being a Green Light and us having access to it real-time we were able to get in there, ID suspects, and make an arrest,” said Lt. Wellman.

Last week's crime wasn't the only one the suspects were responsible for.

“They did three over about a three day period - had a gun every time, no one hurt and vehicles recovered,” said Lt. Wellman.

Ali Chammout  manages the gas station where the carjacking took place and says the Green Light program is not only beneficial for their customers but their employees also.

“If makes me feel safe and secure as well.”

In fact this gas station manager says the program has helped solve other recent crimes at the gas station.

“We've caught three or four different criminals doing miscellaneous things on the property, not only here but other locations as well. Green Light is helping out big time.”