Protests after Royal Oak police fatally shoot man fleeing traffic stop

Frustration and anger spilled onto Main Street in Royal Oak this Memorial Day, as family and friends of 28-year-old Antonino Gordon demanded answers.

"You killed my cousin." "Justice for Nino." "Cameras for cops," their signs read. 

Royal Oak police say last month, Gordon fled from a traffic stop, losing police but was caught 15 minutes later at a White Castle drive thru. It's not clear what happened next, or why the officer fired, but police say an officer approached Gordon and shot at him. Gordon then took off after being shot, crashing into a minivan on 13 Mile. 

"I have absolutely no answers for my husband's shooting and killing - absolutely none," said his wife Nita Gordon.

Gordon's family calls his death murder. He was shot and killed about two blocks from his home. 

Another sign read, "Justice for Cody Reynolds" -- the 20-year-old killed in a second officer-involved shooting in the city just two weeks ago. Royal Oak police shot and killed Reynolds after he stabbed his mother and lunged at officers.

Nita Gordon says she's questioning why audio and video of her husband's death have not been released, demanding transparency. 

"We need body cameras on all officers," she says. 

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While the officers involved in each shooting are on administrative leave, the Oakland County Sheriff's Office says the Genesee County Prosecutor's Office is now reviewing Gordon's case.

The chief of Royal Oak police says more information will be released in Gordon's death, but only when the investigation is complete.

That's not good enough for loved ones, they say, since they haven't gotten any information since that fateful day, April 13.