Puppy recovering after being found in duffle bag with her intestines out

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Three little puppies are found abandoned inside a duffle bag - hungry, alone and very sick.

It happened at the intersection of Seven Mile and Schoenherr where a 10-week-old pup named Cardi P and her two siblings were found inside the bag near the side of the road.

Cardi P is recovering from a surgery after she was found with her insides out.

“We took about three inches of her rectum or her intestines out of her body that started to get necrotic," said Kristina Rinaldi, executive director Detroit Dog Rescue. "It was a big surgery. The doctors at Greenfield Animal Hospital came in right away, we were able to get her emergency surgery here. Now she is just resting in recovery but It’s going to be a long road for Cardi.”

It is a condition that comes about if the puppies are not treated for parasites at a young age, Rinaldi said.

“Those parasites are multiplying," she said. "And for that puppy it feels like they have to go potty constantly. So they are pushing, putting pressure on their rectum and eventually that rectum can prolapse.”

This dog is now given a fighting chance at survival after a Detroiter called the DDR saying he found the litter of pups, three in total. The other two are said to be in better health. 

“Leaving a dog in a duffle bag on the street, that is not an option," Rinaldi said. "Like that should never happen. You can call us, you can explain the situation, especially with something like this."

Unfortunately, dogs abandoned or abused in this fashion is not an uncommon sight, Rinaldi said.

“If you are putting puppies in a duffle bag, or if you are leaving your dog out or abusing your dog, someone is probably watching you and calling the Detroit Dog Rescue," she said. "We are getting these tips all the time.”

As for Cardi P the hard part is over but the procedure and the follow up care is costly. 

“If anyone wants to donate they can go to DetroitDogRescue.com," Rinaldi said. "We know she is going to get a lot of love but she is going to have an extensive medical stay here.”

And the DDR is not done with the search for the people who may have abandoned the dogs in that fashion as well. 

“If anyone knows who did this, I would love to talk to them," she said. "They can go to DetroitDogRescue.com, they can leave an anonymous message.”