Quadriplegic man's charity is taking donations of your returnable cans, bottles to help others

Another drop off and more bags, more bottles. All those returnables we haven't been able to cash in on during the pandemic are now being delivered to Drew Clayborn for his non-profit - The Drew Crew.

"It's pretty incredible how many people have reached out to us," he said. "How many people want to give and help us."

FOX 2 first introduced you to Drew about 10 years ago when he broke his neck practicing a back flip for a high school musical, leaving him a quadriplegic.

Since then he's gone on to college and graduated from the University of Michigan, all while trying to stay healthy and help others with disabilities. Their annual golf outing helps with Drew's expenses but also helps others. But this year it is not happening due to COVID-19.

"I wouldn't feel comfortable and wouldn't be able to live with myself if I knew someone at our event became ill or worse after attending our event," Drew said.

They are still looking for a virtual alternative but the problem is, that golf outing usually brings in $45,000, so now they're trying to do something else - collecting returnables - at their church -  Orchard Grove Community Church in Walled Lake.

"We are always looking for positives, what are positive things we can do that bring people together," said Pastor Chris Cramer. "And giving sort of does that. People love giving to a cause where they feel that they can help somebody - and do some good."

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With everything happening in our country, the loss of life and jobs from COVID-19, the cries for justice and racial equality following the murder of George Floyd, Pastor Cramer from Orchard Grove Community Church says we can all do something for someone.

"There's a beautiful saying that says 'Overcome evil with good.' Sometimes you try to fight fire with fire and it can be tough. But good wins in the end. I believe that."

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And if that means donating your returnables to The Drew Crew - they would also love some advice about the best way to return them - since they have so many with more to come.

"If we could get an easier, more effective way to return these cans, without necessarily going to one grocery store at a time it would be fantastic," said Ledon Clayborn, Drew's father. "So if you are in the recycling industry, or you work in groceries or if you know a better way for us to do this, please contact us and let us know."

You can drop off your cans and bottles also schedule a pick up. For more information: www.thedrewcrew.org