RECAP: President Trump’s visit to Muskegon

With just 17 days until Election Day, President Donald Trump decided to take a visit to Muskegon, where he was greeted with close to 1,000 supporters.

During his nearly 2 hour long speech, the president touched on numerous issues that he said were resolved during his time in office. He first mentioned the racial protests that stemmed from the death of George Floyd. As many people know, one of the biggest protests happened in Minneapolis, where Floyd was killed. President Trump said when he stepped in, the situation was quickly fixed.

“Minneapolis, we went in and solved that problem in 30 minutes,” he said.

As he got deeper on this topic, President Trump explained how he was successful in handling this situation by supporting law enforcement and not supporting “rioters”, which he said was the complete opposite his running mate, Joe Biden, would have done.

“Do you want to vote for the candidate who is in support of anti-America rioters, or a candidate who is in support of our law enforcement,” President Trump said.

Moving to the economy and employment, the president said he was able to provide more jobs for African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asians and women.

He also said he played a huge part in growing and bettering the Michigan Auto-Industry.

“You didn’t have a factory for 40 years,” President Trump said. “Now you have many that were built and being built.”

With COVID-19 still being an issue in Michigan and across the country, President Trump did mention the virus briefly, by referring to it as a “virus that came from China.” He also pressured Governor Whitmer to reopen the state.

“It’s time for the Governor to open up the state and get the schools open.”

While talking about COVID-19, the president wished Vice President hopeful Kamala Harris well, because he alleged some of her associates have tested positive for the virus.

“I hope she’s in good shape, because a number of people in her group have contracted COVID, so we wish her well,” he said.

President Trump briefly talked about Supreme Court Nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, while discussing federal judges and the Military.

“We rebuilt our Military, cut taxes at highest power,” he said. “We just set a record, by the end of the year we’ll have 300 federal judges and 3 great Supreme Court Justices.”

Lastly, President Trump stressed the importance of voting.

“This Election Day, the people of Michigan have to stop the anti-radical behavior, by defeating Joe Biden at the ballot box.”