Romulus quadriplegic has dirt bike collection stolen

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Thieves targeted a disabled man stealing his dirt bikes and power tools from his garage.

The break-in cost him tens of thousands of dollars. But it's more than the money. Refurbishing the bikes was a labor of love for Todd Hammons and his family. 
There is some hope - the thieves may have made a major social media mistake that could help police track them down.

"This is what I live for," said Todd Hammons. "I tell people I've got sand on me all the time because I'm at the race track."

Even though a diving accident decades ago left Todd Hammons a quadriplegic - he never gave up his passion for dirt bikes. Instead, he and his nephew, who he considers his own son, began buying, refurbishing and racing dirt bikes. They even have a track in their backyard.

"We have been inseparable since he was 5," Todd said. "He and I do a lot together. He is sort of my hands and feet. We work together side by side."

Much of their hard work took place inside Todd's Romulus garage. That was where they stored all of the tools and the dirt bikes that were locked down and they thought were secure.

"They disconnected garage and lifted everything, unplugged the garage," he said. "Everything was done with no noise."

Todd Hammons woke up last Friday morning and learned some very brazen bandits had broken through the side window - and stole seven dirt bikes, a chainsaw and drill gun - worth more than $35,000.

It is believed at about 1 a.m. the suspects spent more than an hour stealing his prized possessions and loading them into a U-Haul, that neighbors spotted at the end of Homefield Street.

"Besides a bellyache, my heart fell into the ground," Todd said. "(They) are my family's bikes. We refurbish them, we put new tires on them, we changed the oil, we did everything. They were ready to go for the summer."

Todd posted what happened and pictures of his bikes on Facebook. Someone spotted one of his bikes for sale by a guy in Detroit. Todd told Romulus police, who say they are following several leads. They have also collected evidence from the garage and sent to the crime lab.

Todd hopes it is just a matter of time before the culprits are caught, because there is nothing he loves more than watching his family enjoy the sport he loves.

"Anything I can do around that track, that puts a big smile on my face," Todd said. 

If you have any information, contact Romulus police at (734) 941-8400.