Romulus teacher under investigation for shoving child on bus

A Romulus teacher was caught on camera shoving a student.

"I've never put my hands on my kids ever, for anything," said Thomas Malkowski, the child's father. "I don't believe in that and I'm not going to let someone else get away with it."

Malkowski wants to make sure the teacher who pushed his son causing him to hit his head, never works with children again. It happened on a school bus in Romulus in May. 

The kids were just getting back to Barth Elementary School from a field trip. Thomas' son was making his way off the bus.

"Darren came in holding his head crying and she asked him if he was okay," Malkowski said. "And he said (the teacher) pushed him."

Then on camera walked the teacher in question.

"I specifically asked him, my son said somebody pushed him, who did it? He said nobody pushed him. He fell," Malkowski said.

Thomas watched the video with the superintendent and a Romulus police officer the following week.

FOX 2: "He told you your son fell?"


FOX 2: "You saw the video and you saw that it was a lie?"

"Yes, it was a slap to the face," Malkowski said. "That's not a man to stand there in front of my face after assaulting my child and tell me that he didn't do it."

Romulus Community Schools says upon notice of the incident, the district took prompt and appropriate steps to address the matter with the employee. But it could not comment further given the privacy rights of both the student and employee.

FOX 2 reached out to the teacher in question but got no response. He has been placed on administrative leave pending the investigation.  

Thomas says his son is okay physically, but still shaken up emotionally. 

"It's not totally about my son, it's the next kid," he said. "What's going to happen to him if he stays with kids? My kid got pushed, there could've been other kids that got pushed. The next kid might get punched."

It took some time but the local prosecuting attorney is now reviewing the case. the teacher is looking at a misdemeanor assault charge.