Royal Oak 4-year-old turns rocks into works of art to spread kindness

Ida Morrow is spreading joy one rock at a time - transforming them into little works of art.

"We paint them to make people happy," she said.

"It's all about spreading love and happiness," said Stefanie Morrow, her mother.

Two things we could definitely use more of during this global pandemic. Ida puts the rocks in front of her Royal Oak home and there's a sign telling people what to do.

"Take them and put them in your backyard," Ida said.

"It's so great, watching from inside people walk by, they smile, look at that, look at that," said Stefanie. 

The painted rocks have become a popular item.

"We were running out of rocks we don't have any rocks to paint anymore," Stefanie said.

So Stefanie put a post on Facebook asking for more rocks.

"People like the post so much and a lot of people dropped off rocks in front of our house and notes - it was amazing," she said.

The Royal Oak mom and daughter say the project has been fun and rewarding.

"When she hears somebody out there, she opens the door, waves hi, she really loves it," Stefanie said.

A simple gesture of kindness.

"It's so easy, it's a rock and some paint, it's not really a lot," Stefanie said. "But It works for all of us."