Royal Oak Township motel condemned putting residents on street

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A motel in Royal Oak Township was officially condemned after inspections revealed sickening conditions.

But many people staying there had already fallen on hard times and will have to find another place to go.

In a matter of days Dale, her husband, daughter and one month old granddaughter will be homeless after learning the Royal Inn Motel on Eight Mile has officially been condemned. Nearly 500 residents will have to move out by Sept. 6.

"I don't think we should be thrown on the street it is just not fair," said Loretha Dale. "We tried to find housing but all the housing that was affordable wanted you to make three times your income and we weren't making that even between the two of us."

Royal Oak Township ordered the property shut down, concerned about the welfare of the residents. The violations were endless.

There is a sign "Condemned unfit for humans" Some of the reasons listed why, were:

-Failure to maintain building in safe and sanitary condition.

-Trash and debris throughout

-Human waste and vomit in the hallways.

-Failure to provide adequate sleeping facilities for the tenants

"It is pretty rough in there," said Dezjuane James. "There's a lot of drug use and all kind of things going on.

FOX 2: "Why do you stay?"

"Because I have no choice, it’s cheap," he said.

On the door the township listed dozens of agencies that will be available to help the tenants make the transition to new housing - but when FOX 2 spoke to management behind the bullet proof glass, they made it sound like that may not be necessary.

An employee said that it may be fixed by Tuesday.

Residents are doubtful and not just worrying about themselves - but others - who simply have nowhere to go.

"I chose this place because it is the cheapest," said Lee Southard. "I live on a budget and I need to pay child support, rent, everything else. People here are worse. There is people here that are on disability, they are sick, wheelchairs, disability sick wheelchairs, they can't work.

"I'm fine, I'll find a place to stay."

"I am have to go over there and open up one of those abandoned houses," said Robert Douglas. "I didn't want to do that, I don't want to go back to prison."