Royal Oak's Chinn Jewelry closing doors after 83 years

A Royal Oak store is holding a going out of business sale as it closes its doors for good after serving many loyal customers for decades.

Family-owned business Chinn Jewelry is considered a precious gem in the community. Gayle Chinn doesn't want to go out of business, but after 83 years it's happening.

"It's just combination of the economy right now, the Internet, increased expenses, decreased revenues," he said.

It was started by his father, Chinn Sr., in Highland Park fixing watches back in 1934.

"When I was a boy, going in there and having my mom having stopwatches repaired by Chinn Sr. I remember the old store and I remember him sitting at his little watch-fixing station and fixing things," said Jeff Bedigian, a long-time customer.

Chinn Jr. says that's how I got into jewelry.

"Then pretty soon they wanted engagement rings and wedding bands and one thing lead to another," he said.

But engagement rings are somewhat a thing of the past.

"A lot of young people are not getting married and because of that engagement ring sales all over the country are going down," he said.

But there are still plenty of other items to buy.

The store will stay open until all the merchandise is sold. Mr. Chinn owns the building so the building will be for sale.