School threat closes Anchor Bay schools for second day in a row

There was empty school buildings district wide in Anchor Bay as an investigation of an anonymous threat continued Wednesday.

"The district, the school, they are great," said parent Dana Wilk. "I just wish that, and I know there are other parents (too) that kind of want to know more details."

"When you don't know you think the worst, you fear the worst," said Traci Kryscynski, a parent. "And then rumors start to fly. A lot of times, that brings on more fear. I think a little more transparency would help the situation."

WEB UPDATE: The school district will reopen Thursday, Dec. 6. There will be an increased police presence although the threat has been deemed false.

Parents were told an anonymous threat cancelled classes, causing police to investigate.  It all started on Tuesday with a school alert letting parents know classes were cancelled. 
Then one day later, it was another day and another cancelation, due to a school threat. 
"I was going to talk to him about it but he already found out through some of his friends," Wilk said.

"Here we are day two no school and we don't know anything more than we did 24 hours,” Kryscynski said.

The district says there is a reason for a perceived lack of information. It released a statement:

"Student and staff safety remain our top priority. The St. Clair County Sheriff Office is working with the Michigan State Police on the investigation regarding the threat made through the OK2Say site.  The investigation is still open at this time.  

"We support the work they are doing to complete a thorough investigation and to determine the credibility of the threat.  We will release the information provided to us by the police when they do so.

"We understand parents and the community want information, and we want to communicate in a way that does not impede the investigation or hinders its completion.  We thank you for your ongoing patience and understanding."

Police tell me there are two investigations going on simultaneously - one with the St. Clair County Sheriff's Office. The other with Michigan State Police. Until those wrap up the details are at a minimum.

"Usually they nip it in the bud so how serious is it?" Wilk said.