Senator Debbie Stabenow and nominee John James square off on political issues

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In November Incumbent Senator Debbie Stabenow will square off with GOP nominee John James, Hilary Golston caught up with both candidates to see where they both stand on the issues.

Monday Senator Debbie Stabenow appeared at LOC performance in Plymouth to explain how she’s working to strengthen “buy American laws.”

She wants more money and jobs to stay in states and specifically this state. 

The economy is hot right now, unemployment low, GPD growth high. 

President Trump touting his massive tax cuts as part of the reason, a move Stabenow did not support. 

Fox 2: How do you justify that considering how well the economy has done?

“Well we’re very fortunate after the collapse in 2008, 2009, 2010 when by the way we stepped up to make sure we had American manufacturing in the form of the auto industry, and department of defense would have been highly effected if we didn’t have the efforts we did to save the auto industry,” Stabenow said.

"Unfortunately the tax cut that ended up in the hands of very few at the top, under the theory that it would trickle down. The only thing it has done is create one and half trillion dollars of debt," she said.

John James, a combat veteran-going after Stabenow on her comment about vets.

Stabenow says her comments about vets were taken out of context.

 "I feel like no veteran should have to stand at the back of any line whether its jobs, healthcare, education, or housing so I’ve always followed that creed,” Stabenow said. 

The businessman talking about job creation Wednesday to a group of workers in Madison Heights, making his pitch.

Fox 2: Do you feel like there's an uphill battle in terms of the money disparity between you and the incumbent?

 Senator Stabenow is an epic campaigner, she has a great campaign record but when people talk about Senator Stabenow they don’t talk about what she’s done they talk about how much money she has and how she campaigns," John James said.

Stabenow has a major cash advantage more than 6 million James at about 870 thousand in mid-July and what about the president’s trade war, impacting Michigan business. 

Fox 2: What would you tell the worker whose looking at the effect of the trade war on them and their own wages?

“I would tell them that no one is better to represent Michigan manufacturing but also family businesses whether its manufacturing or farming on the floor of the US Senate than someone who deals in taxes tariffs and trade every single day,” James said. 

Real clear politics which averages the polls that are out there put incumbent Senator Debbie Stabenow ahead of her republican contender, John James by about 17 points right now.