Send Valentines to kids at Michigan children's hospital

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This year for Valentine's Day, you're likely doing something sweet for that special someone in your life. Maybe it's a night out, a romantic dinner, a bottle of expensive wine, or even a well-thought out card. In addition to that, you can also brighten the day of a kid spending the day in the hospital.

The University of Michigan's C.S. Mott Children's Hospital is giving you the opportunity to tell children in the hospital that they are loved on the day of love. The hospital is making it easy for you to do it, too.

All you have to do is go to the hospital's website and find the four Valentine options. All of which are perfect puns:

One is a T-Rex skeleton with the words "You're Dino-mite!" Another is a backhoe with the words "I Dig You". The third has a robot and reads "I care a bot you". The last one is perfect for the Michigan fan: it's a football with a helmet that's reminiscenet of the iconic Michigan football team and reads "You're a catch".

All you have to do is pick your option, fill out your first name, and then some other optional information. The hospital will take it from there and deliver to the children on Valentine's Day.

Click here to find all of the Valentines options.