Series of "People's Bills" introduced to Detroit City Council

City Council President Pro Tem Mary Sheffield laid out several proposals Monday morning in what's been dubbed The People's Bills. 

The proposals include different topics, ranging from water affordability to parking tickets. 

For example, the proposal would chop the $45 parking ticket to $30 -- and if you pay within 10 days you'll only pay $15. 

"This is about the people; these are the people's bills. The people have spoken loud and clear that they believe the parking fines in downtown Detroit are excessive," she told us. She added the bonds tied to the parking fines have been paid, so she says it's time to reduce the fines back down to pre-bankruptcy levels. 

She also believes Detroiters should be the ones hired for the majority of construction jobs in the city. 

"Right now, contractors aren't required to report whether or not they're hiring 51 percent of Detroit residents, and these are jobs that are in our community, low-level, low-skill jobs that our Detroiters should have access to. It's about economic justice and insuring Detroiters have access to the jobs that are created," she said. 

Another issue aims to ease access to and improve awareness about a property tax exemption program. She joined us live to tell us more about some of her ideas. You can hear more in the video player above.