'Several bags of guns' found after two men arrested in Taylor gun shop robbery

Two men were arrested early Tuesday morning in an attempted robbery of a Taylor gun shop.

At around 2:30 a.m., a silent alarm alerted Taylor police to a break in at Recoil Firearms, located at 22509 Ecorse Rd, Taylor. Officers arrived and noticed two people inside the store, before setting up a perimeter around the building.

The suspects spent about 20 minutes inside before breaking out a window in the front of the building. One man was apprehended, while the other was caught after a short foot chase. Several bags of guns were left at the front door of the store.

Despite the potential threat of the robbery, the gun store's owner was very pleased with how everything concluded. 

"I feel very fortunate. I think we're blessed. The police responded so quickly, the alarm company, everbody did their job," said Paul Alberts, a co-owner of the store. "The glass didn't break. I mean everything the way it was supposed to work. That's one of our biggest concerns is making sure everything is safe and we keep it safe."

Police believe the two men entered through the roof of the building and had planned on escaping in their vehicle parked behind the building.

Police believe the two suspects arrested were also involved in an earlier robbery of a gun shop in the city of Westland, about 12 miles northwest of Taylor. The descriptions of the two men matched those in custody with Taylor police.

Law enforcement are working with the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms division.