Sexual harassment allegations lead to fiery Fraser city meeting

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There are allegations of sexual misconduct at Fraser City Hall.

The details of the sexual harassment complaints are still unknown at this time. But what we do know is that this small city of Fraser about four miles and 15,000 people has a big problem.
The only item on Monday's special council meeting agenda was whether or not the city of Fraser should hire an attorney in light of sexual harassment complaints filed by city employees.

"Whoever came forward with these allegations, I applaud you," said Nancy Berube at the meeting. "Let's get it over with."

While the details of the alleged harassment are not known to the council they seem to know who is under the microscope.

"The allegations are against me, I am one of the people," said acting Mayor Matt Hemelberg. "I don't know who filed the allegations, what the allegations are. This has been going on for a month."

Mayor Joseph Nichols also said he heard his name being discussed on Facebook.  Just the allegations of these crimes brought claims from the audience members to the surface.

"I am tired of you calling me names and people hear it on camera," said Anna Cameron. "I was called 'a fat (expletive' and 'I hope she dies.'"

"You are disgusting human beings," said Charisse Radhs. "And if I was your mother, the way you talk to Kathy I would smack you in the mouth."

The comments from Charisse Radhs prompted the mayor to call on police to escort her out, but the police Sgt. did not comply with the order.

"If we can't maintain order, I will clear this room," said Mayor Joseph Nichols.

Radhs says she wasn't surprised to have police called on her. She claims she knows first-hand what the mayor is capable of. She says the mayor made lewd comments about her mother.

"I filed a report," she said. "It’s in the police station."

But the allegations prompted the city council to hire an outside lawyer came from city employees and the scope of the claims remain unclear as the council discussed them in closed session.

That closed session meeting with the city's newly hired attorney lasted three and a half hours. Afterward the council cited on the record that no one was to discuss what took place behind closed doors.