Shinola Hotel finally opens up in Metro Detroit

After two years of construction, the Shinola Hotel in downtown Detroit finally opened on Wednesday. 

“I’m really excited,” said first paying guest Jack Kincaid. 

The hotel is located on Woodward and Grand River, and has 129 rooms available for customers to enjoy. 

Shinola, known for its watches and leather goods started in 2012 and has more than 30 stores nationwide.

The establishment decided to use about $100 million to build the new hotel that comes along with nice views, a restaurant, mezzanine and living room. 

“Detroit is an authentic city and when you step into the living room, it feels like an authentic experience,” said Shinola Hotel General Manager, Elliot Broom. 

“For me, the artwork, the sense of scale is nice and has a nice humanity to it,” said first Shinola restaurant customer, Lydia Esparza. 

Guests find the food at the restaurant to be one of a kind. 

“I think the food is excellent, I’d like to try more and I would definitely come back,” said first guest at Shinola restaurant Leticia Gabelsberger. 

The rooms start off at $195 and they go up to a $1000. 

For more information the Shinola Hotel website.