Shots fired during road rage crash on I-94: police

Authorities are investigating after they say shots were fired during a road rage incident that ended with a crash on I-94 early Friday morning.

Michigan State Police say someone called 911 around 6:20 a.m. about a road rage incident on westbound I-94 at Brush Street. One involved caller told police the other driver shot at his car. 

Troopers got to the scene of the accident and were able to get the suspect and the weapon in custody. 

"The suspect, who's a 40-year-old male out of Detroit, did fire one shot striking the vehicle. After that, a crash occurred between the two parties. There was no other physical confrontation between them because troopers got there pretty quick," says First Lt. Michael Shaw with Michigan State Police. 

Police haven't given any other details yet about what led up to the road rage or the crash, but they do say no one was hurt. 

"There's nothing that happens on the road that can make anyone on mad enough to even give a hand gesture, let alone take a gun and point it at somebody and pull the trigger," Lt. Shaw says. "We need calm down leave a  little sooner and if someone gets angry back off instead of resulting in this.

Traffic was backed up for much of the morning commute along westbound I-94 as investigators were on scene.