Single mom of two writes open letter to Detroit car thieves

This is the moving letter she sent:

Dear Person(s) who stole my car, I'm not sure what your situation is but let me share a little about mine. I am a single mother of two children. It took me over a year to pay $1200 for that ugly, old, beat up Neon you took from me. I moved my children and myself back into my mother's house not too long ago because I couldn't afford living on my own. We all have to share one room. I finally got a halfway decent paying job and was going to start school in the fall. I needed that car more than anything. I, myself, have $30 to my name. Replacing that car will cost me dearly. It will deprive my children of simple basic wants and needs. I hope that your situation was far worse than mine. I'd like to think you took my car because you needed money to feed your family. I'd like to think that you were so desperate and had no one to turn to. But, in my heart, I know it was a selfish act. You took it simply because you wanted to and you feel you have the right to take what you want. The next time you are looking around your once beautiful, thriving city and wonder where it all went wrong take a look in the is YOU that keeps it from being great.

FOX 2 is working to contact the woman and speak with her in the near future. Check for updates on her story.