Single mom to five forced out of apartment because of mold

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She divorced her husband to escape domestic violence. She sacrificed a home for her and her five children for homeless shelters until they were finally about to get their lives back on track. Then it all came crashing down.

Angela Boyce and her five children have to move, yet again, this time forced out of their Marsh Creek apartment in Woodhaven. The reason? Mold. It's making them sick and it's not just the apartment they're leaving behind. Everything in it has to be left as well.

"All these things that Humble Design just gave us, they blessed us with all this beautiful furniture and we can't take any of it," she said.

The items were donated by Humble Design, a group that had helped Angela make her house a home. She and the kids had been homeless for three years after she divorced their father to escape domestic violence. Once they got the apartment and the furnishings, they were finally on the way up.

"When I walked in, it was like Christmas only better because my kids had beds and weren't sleeping on the floor anymore," Boyce said.

"The best thing was I had a bed," Addy Boyce said.

It was all great. Until they discovered mold in the apartment. It covered everything, and Angela has terrible asthma. Air quality tests showed they needed to get out and leave everything behind. They have to leave it all behind, even family heirlooms and special toys and clothing, like Gabriel's shirt from when he had cancer.

"I can't ever get these things back and these are things I was able to hang on to even when we were homeless," Boyce said.

It's all been hard on Boyce but also on her children. In a video she shot, little Addy was told she had to throw all of her clothes away.

The good news is they are working on getting another place and Humble Design will once again help furnish it. For now, Angela and her five children have nothing to wear: no clothes, no shoes, no coats.

"I'm blessed that this week is warm because they don't have any coats," Angela said.

Despite everything, they keep going and keep believing it will get better.

If you can help the family in need, they're going to need it very soon:

Angela (mother) women's 12 or large.  shoe 10 women
Addy (girl)-8/10 clothing  shoe 7.5 women
Issy (boy)-3T clothing. shoe 8 (toddler)
Tristram (boy)-7/8 boys clothing. shoe 3 boys
Justin (boy)- 16 boys or M mens. shoe 10.5 mens
Gabriel (boy)-10 shoe 7/12 boys

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