Smash and grab: Van crashes into marijuana dispensary

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Thieves left a van behind that was used as a battering ram at a medical marijuana dispensary.

Thieves crashing trucks right through the building to steal what's inside.

But it seems to be happening more and more often, notably a recent smash and grab at a Secretary of State office to steal the ATM.

Back at the Total Medz dispensary, those sent to do the repairs are assessing the damage.

"There's no telling what people do these days," said Mark Johnson, who is working on repairs. "Get a quick buck here or there - they don't care what they do, who they hurt, who they don't hurt."

Police tell FOX 2 that van was likely stolen and the suspect fled with a black Nike gym bag.

It's not clear what if anything was taken from the dispensary, the owner declined comment.

On medical marijuana patient, Danyell, who suffers from lupus and has a valid medical marijuana card, says when she visited Total Medz recently, they didn't ask for proper ID. 

She suspects the wrong people were able to case the place and target it. 

"All thugs rolling up, all of them," she said. "They don't  have a medical marijuana card, I sat in there and watched.

"At the end of the day, the point is, a medical marijuana card and a valid state ID or passport, is supposed to be given."

"People like me that have conditions, I have lupus and I've had three strokes. So people like me - we need it."