Some simple ways to start healthy habits for the new year

We all give ourselves a little permission to indulge over the holidays, but if stepping on the scale is too scary and you're thinking 'I'll get healthy in the new year,' the key is keeping it simple.

Dr. Christina Lucas-Vougiouklakis is an expert in lifestyle medicine at Henry Ford Health System.

"I tell patients pick one area to change - it’s like your kids right? When their rooms are a mess, pick one toy up and let's start with one toy to pick up and put away," she said. "It’s the same with our health. Let's pick one area that we can change today."

But with so many things you might want to change - how do you know where to start? Ask yourself a simple question:

"Where is my kryptonite - that’s one thing I tell my patients, where's your kryptonite," Dr. Christina said. "(If they say) My kryptonite is potato chips,' Ok so instead of eating potato chips do you think we can think of another way to eat that’s healthy? How about an air fryer. Let’s try to cut up some sweet potatoes, zucchini and put a little bit of olive oil on there and put them in an air fryer. Will that satisfy your crunch.

"Pick one area, because mindfulness is key to say it’s not going to happen today, it’s not going to happen tomorrow, it’s not going to happen in a month. But it will happen with consistency and that’s really the case of consistency."

Consistency counts with food and fitness.

"Even if it’s just 10 minutes 10 minutes is enough to burn about 100 to 120 calories," she said. "You’re not going to change the way your belt fits, but you’ll feel better and over time, it’s an investment. Like putting money in the bank every day, by the end of the year, you’ll have a nice amount of money to save.

"So I try to encourage patient to be mindful of that and try to do every single day about 10 minutes a day."

So tip one, start simple!  Be realistic and set small goals you can keep. resolutions are intimidating when we start too big.

Tip two be specific. Don't just say I'm going to be healthier, say I'm going to walk 10 minutes a day.

And tip three - don't judge yourself.  If you fall off track, don't give up. Learn from it, and try again.

"Give yourself forgiveness with your family, with yourself, and with others. (Say to yourself) 'I’m going to work on it again tomorrow. Tomorrow’s a new day, let’s start fresh.'"