Someone keeps defacing a Redford gas station with graffiti - and the city keeps citing them for it

For the past week, a Redford gas station has been at war with a wall on its property.

A few days ago, employees of the RP Fuel on Telegraph came into work with graffiti defacing one of the barriers. All across the gray brick was purple paint. Annoying for sure, but these things happen.

"What did you do to my store? I mean come on. It's not right," said Darla Barber, manager of the gas station. "I think it's ridiculous. Honestly why do you have to act like children?"

The gas station paid to have the markings washed off, but not before the city fined them $75. A financial irritant for sure, but so are the costs of running a business. But the chronicles of Barber and her graffiti problems aren't over.

"We had a gentleman out here cleaning - spent about six to eight hours cleaning it," Barber said. "Come in this morning, there's 12 new markings."

More markings showed up on the wall - and with that another city fine. This one costing $150.

"We took one day and cleaned it all up," Barber said. "The next day, brand new markings."

Barber said the gas station is holding off on paying the fines, hoping for a break from the city. They plan to fight the citations. The city didn't have any comments for FOX 2 either.

"They want their neighborhoods to look nice too but please give us a break, we're doing our best," she said.

Getting rid of the paint is expensive and takes time, said the manager. She wants whoever keeps spraying the walls to just stop.

"They need to just grow up and move on."