Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Kimberly Guilfoyle talk Biden and Trump campaign strategy in race to November

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is the former mayor of Baltimore and a surrogate for the Joe Biden campaign. She joined FOX 2 to talk about the Democratic challenger's push towards November.

FOX 2: The Trump campaign recently said that Biden needs smelling salts to wake up in his basement to run an effective campaign. What do you say to that?"

Blake: "I think it's clear that the Trump campaign is struggling. And they are dusting off their old campaign tactics from 2016, trying to throw these pejorative nicknames at Biden and they hope that it will stick. Because if they do, if the country can be fooled into thinking that Biden is not up to the challenge, maybe Trump feels like he might have a chance and that it will detract or offset the fact that people realize that he's not up for the job. The fact is, those names won't stick, because Biden is a tireless public servant." 

FOX 2: "As a former mayor of a major city, the president has run so much of his campaign narrative about Democratic mayors of America saying that they have failed the people of their cities and America with a crime rate that is out of control, and infrastructure that is falling apart. What do you say to that tactic?"

Blake: "When you are a president, you can't just point fingers, you can't just point out problems, you have to solve problems. And if he feels like there's a problem in cities across this country, it's his responsibility to bring national solutions and partner with the cities - and he has done none of that. Unlike Vice President Biden, who has a comprehensive economic plan and we're bursting at the seams to get him into office so we could get our country back on track."

FOX 2: "In 2016 President Trump won the state of Michigan by 11,000 votes. What changes this time to turn the tide to the Democrats in your mind?"

Blake: "I think the change is that people's eyes are wide open. They know what's at stake and I think in 2016 too many Democratic voters and independent voters were complacent, I don't think they were motivated. Trump made the race so ugly and that it really suppressed the vote in the way in which he campaigned. 

"I think people know how much is at stake right now and Democratic voters, smart Republican voters, and independent voters, they're not going to be fooled again. They are going to come to the polls they know how much is at stake and they know Vice President Biden is the only one who is up to the task of getting our economy back on track. Let's just be clear, our economy can't get back on track until we get the pandemic under control."

Kimberly Guilfoyle, senior campaign advisor for the Donald Trump campaign joined FOX 2 to talk about the remaining spring to Election Day in November.

FOX 2: "There are 91 days until Election Day. How are you feeling about Michigan?"

Guilfoyle: "Yeah, we're feeling really good. We've had a really aggressive ground game lined up in Michigan. The president talks about Michigan all the time and by the way, all the eyes of the country are focused on Michigan and Michigan needs President Trump.  Someone who is an actual job creator, who understands basic economics, that understands how to get the economy going again. 

"He did it before and he will do it again. We cannot have an amateur or a puppet behind the wheel at a time when America really needs to rebuild the economy get construction going, focus on jobs in the economy, focus to make sure Americans have that money back in their wallets for discretionary spending to really get the wheel of this economy going again."

FOX 2: "Let's talk about the money game. We know that Joe Biden is spending a lot of money here for campaign ads."

Guilfoyle: "Yes, we have a whole series of ads that we are putting in swing states to make sure we are going to target the people who need to hear the President's message because you have to understand something, what about in ads are you referring to? The mainstream media? Because that's what we see every day, it is like a commercial endorsement and an ad for Joe Biden, because they are essentially the PR, marketing, calms department for the left, for the Liberals for Joe Biden and his team. 

"When you see essentially 90 to 96 percent negative coverage about President Trump. That's why we are very specifically focused on putting on ads that tell the tale of American success and American prosperity under President Trump, jumping into people's homes across the country and in important pivotal states like Michigan, so the messages there. We're going to connect with each and every American voter that wants to make an informed decision to cast their ballot."

FOX 2: "We know a lot of the ad money has shifted in the Trump campaign to other markets like Iowa, and other places to get some of those electoral votes. We must ask about what has also shifted, which is how the political ground game has also shifted for President Trump. He relied on rallies and the energy of his crowds.  Without the rallies does that hurt this president and the campaign?"

Guilfoyle: "You know, I don't think it's hurting the camp, I know the president loves it because he gets such energy and enthusiasm connecting with all the people out there, the supporters and people who wait in line for 48 hours to get a chance to hear and see in person, their American president. 

"I love it for the president because I know how much he enjoys it because he truly loves the American people. But we've been able to reach into people's homes and reach out to spread the message including through virtual fundraisers. We had a very successful one the other day that we put on with the Trump Victory Finance Committee and the RNC working in concert together at the White House with the president. 

"And we had over 300,000 unique contributions from people putting their hard-earned money to be able to see and connect with the president. So we are going to continue to do more of those."