Strange new trend of hepatitis cases showing up in kids, here are the warning signs

What was considered uncommon - is now becoming a disturbing trend: Acute hepatitis is being diagnosed in children across the globe, including the United States. In the United Kingdom, one child recently died.

In the United States it has impacted 12 children in three different states - with a case in Illinois, the closest to Michigan.

"Hepatitis just simply means inflammation in the liver," said Dr. David Obudzinski, pediatrician, Beaumont Health. "What’s particularly strange about this one, is that we just haven’t seen in the past where adenovirus has caused hepatitis in children."

The Centers for Disease Control has issued an alert to doctors nationwide, asking them to watch out for cases of severe liver disease in kids.

"The most common thing you will see is that your child will complain about stomach ache and have diarrhea," Dr. Obudzinski. "(It will be)real, unusual diarrhea, so it's not just a couple bouts. It will be ongoing diarrhea."

Children may also experience fatigue, but symptoms can also include throat pain or sore throat and conjunctivitis - inflammation in the eye.

Some counties have seen children who have become sick, require a liver transplant.

"Your liver is very important because it helps to get rid of all the toxins in the body," said Obudzinski.

It’s unclear what’s driving this medical condition to impact children primarily under the age of 10.

"One of the theories is that with Covid happening and with people children masking, younger children were not exposed to some of the strains of adenovirus and now they’re having a harder time now that they’re getting exposed to it," he said.

That’s why medical professionals say following protocols like hand-washing and covering your mouth when coughing are keys to eliminating the spread of germs.