Strangled woman's daughter upset at wait for justice

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Highland Park Police got a break in a four-month old murder case but still don't have an arrest. 

According to the family, justice could still be months away because of a decision made by the prosecutor.

 Kareena Ambris, had the ultimate feeling of relief this week when she found out Highland Park Police may know who strangled her mother to death. But it didn't last.

"Huge burden off my chest - now they're going to get this person who did this to my mom," she said. "It was like they snatched the floor from under me when I found out they weren't going to arrest this person."

Emma Jean Davis, 59, was found dead in her apartment in April. She had been dead for 48 hours or more before she was discovered. 

"They showed me a picture of her laying on the bed with her pants on and just her bra on, and then went to the detective and I said it had to be someone she knew," Ambris said.

Police worked the case and eventually connected DNA at the scene to a possible suspect and they would be ready to pick up the guy today, if they could. 

Detective Paul Thomas says they sent the information to the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office who told them to provide additional information, namely phone records.

"They are not going to arrest the person because they don't have phone records, but they have DNA," Ambris said. "That was a hard pill to swallow." 

Police want to proceed but have to be cautious and getting those phone records may take weeks.

"They want a rock solid case," Det. Thomas said. "They want everything to go as well as it can but they want it to be thorough," Thomas said.

Thomas says of course police want to proceed but, must be cautious. They said getting those phone records will take weeks. Ambris feels she's been pulled right back to that horrific day in April.

"Until you know who did it and why they did it, you need answers to move on," Ambris said.  

She says she's happy with the work of Highland Park Police but feels disappointed in the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office.

"The person who was supposed to be on my mom's case has not called me back to let me know what is going on," she said.

The prosecutor's office did not return FOX 2's calls for comment Friday.