Sun superhero safety program available for teachers in all classrooms

A new program is teaching young students about the dangers of staying out too long in the sun.

Ray and the Sunbeatables are helping the kids deploy their superpowers against sunburns. Through songs, games and lessons, the program highlights the five superpowers - shade, clothing, sunscreen, hats and sunglasses.

The CATCH Global Foundation shares the Sunbeatables curriculum, which was developed by The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

It's not just kids in central Texas practicing sun safety. Ray and the Sunbeatables are flying into classrooms from coast to coast.

"We now have 1,000 schools and serving about 100,000 kids with the program," says Duncan Van Dusen of CATCH Global Foundation.

CATCH hopes to put the Sunbeatables in every pre-k, K and first grade classroom across the country so every kid can channel their sun fighting superpowers.

If you're interested in putting the Sunbeatables in your classroom, visit for more information.