Surveillance video of man shooting at Detroit bus driver released

New video of a shooting on a Detroit bus Sunday has been released after a man police believe was trying to get to his girlfriend opened fire.

The video shows the suspect on a Detroit Department of Transportation bus yelling to his girlfriend to come with him. SEE: Man chasing girlfriend opens fire on Detroit bus

Police say on Sunday evening, the driver saw a woman on Harper frantically trying to get his attention. He allowed her to board the bus, but her boyfriend quickly followed her.

The man began arguing with his girlfriend, telling her to come with him. That's what you see in the video.

You can see the bus driver asking the man, who is visibly hostile, to leave the bus.

Finally, the bus driver pushes the man out of the bus. The man pulls out a gun and opens fire, shooting at the bus door.

One shot hit the driver's door. The driver was not hurt.

Police say the man then casually jogged across the street. 

The video has been handed over to police and the man has been identified.