Suspect gets shot by T-Mobile security during robbery attempt

A masked man went into a T-Mobile store announcing a robbery - and left with two bullet wounds.

A Security guard put a stop to the proceedings by firing on the suspect inside the store, located inside a strip mall on W. Outer Drive in Detroit at about 11:30 a.m. Tuesday. 

"A lone male with a mask came into the T-Mobile store at this location and announced a robbery," said Lt. Michael Donovan, Detroit police. "There were two employees along with an armed security guard who fired at the suspect." 
Police said the robber did not fire his weapon and he was shot twice before getting away from the scene. It is believed the man went to a medical center located right next to the strip mall. He was later transported to a nearby hospital.

"We ended up getting a run to the hospital where we have one male with two gunshot wounds possibly connected to the scene,"  

For now, he's a person of interest in this case and he's listed in critical condition as the Investigation continues.

FOX 2 also reached out to T-Mobile and the company said in a statement:
"We're grateful our employees are safe and we are cooperating with law enforcement on their investigation."