Suspect sought in break-ins, sex assaults in 5 cities

The hunt is on for a serial rapist, police say he's breaking into homes and assaulting the women inside.

The same suspect is linked to sex crimes in at least five cities.

Garden City resident Steve LaPan says he can't believe his neighbor was sexually assaulted this week after a man broke inside her Arcola Street home.

"I never heard of anything like this happening in Garden City," LaPan said. "She is a really nice lady. Just a shame."

Police believe this crime may be part of a larger investigation into a serial home invasion spree spreading across Dearborn, Inkster, Dearborn Heights, Redford, and Allen Park.

"Just this week we were able to make a solid connection," said Capt. William Leavens of Dearborn police.

Investigators say the suspect breaks into the victim's home during the early morning hours with the intent to commit a sexual assault and in some cases, has been successful

"The Garden City investigation has lot of similarities between their case and ours," said Leavens.

Sources say the multi-city investigation includes about 20 cases and some go back as far as 2011.

As the investigation continues police want residents to report any suspicious activity and be vigilant

"Everyone has to lock their home especially main floor entry points so no one gets in," Leavens said.

Police say they are working around the clock to solve this investigation and find the suspect who is only described as a six-foot tall man with a thin body frame.

Investigators say the Violent Crimes Task Force from the FBI has been called in to help and police say they are confident they will find the suspect

But for now LaPan says he and his family are taking extra precautions.