Suspicious vehicle shuts down Detroit airport parking deck, now reopened

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The Blue Deck parking structure at Detroit Metro Airport's North Terminal was shut down as police investigated a suspicious vehicle inside the deck.

According to a statement from DTW, the airport was shut down by Airport Authority Police because of the suspicious vehicle that was left in the parking deck. The vehicle had been left there for more than a month and the license plate was not registered with the state of Michigan.

The parking deck was closed at about 3 p.m. Tuesday. During the investigation, police brought a canine unit, who according to a statement from the Wayne County Airport Authority, "detected an anomoly." But once it was determined to be a false positive, the blue parking deck and the Ground Transportation Center as well.

Everything is back to normal Tuesday evening but travelers and those coming to pick them up were startled.

"I came to pick up my daughter and when I came here I saw all the police," said Debbie Bush. "I have never seen (so many)."

"She came up to me really quietly and said that the cops were here," said Alicision McCourt, Bush's daughter. "So I freaked out for a second. They did not announce it to me on the plane or anything. There was no delay, we were here early, but (my mother) had the issue because she came 20 minutes earlier than when I landed."

There were rumors of a bomb threat, but airport police said that was incorrect.

Air travel was not affected by the parking deck closure.

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