Taylor animal shelter over capacity, hoping to get cats and dogs adopted

The Taylor Animal Shelter is at capacity for both dogs and cats and until more space fills up, they won't be accepting any new surrenders until spots reopen. 

The staff are struggling to maintain proper care for all the pets since they are unable to move animals around for cleaning.

"We’re a no-kill for adoptable shelter so we have to basically shut down any intakes from any residents who might be coming in to bring their animals in for whatever reason, and then the strays become very limited on what we can take in," said Matt Bonza who works at the shelter.

They have space for 23 dogs - but are currently caring for 24. As for the cats, they have 16 kittens still weaning from their mother and aren't ready for adoption - as well as 20 other cats.

That means until Tulip the black and white kitten or the canine mother-daughter duo Thelma and Louise are taken home, the staff will struggle to keep up.

"They’re both very friendly although mama is a question mark with other dogs," said Hannah Rosche, who works at the shelter. "It could be (she's) protective over her baby. So we're hoping they can go and be the two pets in a household."

The shelter is open Monday through Friday, as well as 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays.