Teachers, kids and community leaders gather in Detroit for 10th day of protest 

“I don’t understand how our color is mean to them because we’re just trying to be nice and sometimes they want to hurt us,” said 9-year-old Megan Cunningham. 

On this 10th day of protests in Detroit calling for an end of police brutality, Megan said those words. 

Public school teachers gathered at the corner of Michigan and Third, an hour before protesters met up for the daily demonstration organized by the activist group “BAM”, short for By Any Means necessary. 

Torie Anderson helped organized the teachers’ rally. 

“It was four of us who kind of put things together and through us spreading the word on each of our platforms, you know this happened,” Anderson said. 

“I saw it on Facebook, and I thought to myself I should be here,” said Detroit Public Schhols Social Worker, Raynard Nelson. “This is bigger than me.”

Samantha Cunningham brought her three daughters down to the rally, including 4-year-old Maci. Mom recalls a recent conversation after a neighborhood shooting. 

“Maci automatically said she was afraid police were going to come into our house, kick in the door and kill us,” Samantha said. “She's 4, there is no age limit to racism.”

Meanwhile, Father Norm Thomas and Sister Cathie DeSantis recall the Civil Rights Movement and sadly they say we still have a long road ahead of us. 

“Racism is very deep in our society,” Father Thomas said. “It’s like the air we breathe. It’s very, very hard to change. And the fact you bring up 50 years later we’re talking about the same thing.”