Teen faces adult charges for taking knife to De La Salle HS; Warren police investigate football hazing

A 17-year-old is facing charges for bringing a knife to Warren De La Salle High School.

"I am amazed that someone was able to actually able to walk through and have a knife on his person or even that they thought about it," said Anthony Jacobs, a parent of a student.

The boy can be seen walking through the door allegedly holding a knife as another student is seen reaching for his arm.
"He was out to get even with two students who - according to the information I have - bullied him," said Warren Police Commissioner William Dwyer. 
A quick response by the school and police prevented the situation from erupting into something more. 

"We are very fortunate that this did not turn into something similar to what happened at Warren Fitzgerald where the female student stabbed another female student," Dwyer said.
The student is being arraigned in court Friday and is being charged as an adult having a knife in a school zone with the crime taking place on school

In a separate incident, Warren De La Salle and other area Catholic high schools were closed Friday due to a SnapChat school threat. 

The same day police learned of allegations of hazing and De La Salle's football's team.

"This all came out in the media I was concerned and disappointed that they had not made the report," Dwyer said.

As a result of the hazing investigation, the school ended the team's football season and forfeited its playoff game.

Warren police say school administrators were at the police station Friday so investigator could take reports on the allegations.

"There is a lot of information out there on social media that are not correct," Dwyer said.

FOX 2 reached out to school officials on Friday and are still waiting for a response.
On Thursday the high school's president John Knight had this to say about the investigation:

"At this point we're just in the early stages of getting our arms around a lot of information," he said.