Teen girls in court for allegedly planning Columbine-style attack

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A photo of the alleged plan of attack two Anderson Middle School students in Berkley made.

Two teen girls accused of planning a Columbine-style attack with a hit list  faced a judge Tuesday.

The Berkley Anderson Middle School girls, ages 13 and 14, allegedly even drew up a plan of attack with a map of the school. 

Police say the list included 31 students and seven teachers from Anderson Middle School, that they wanted to kill.

"She's a really nice young lady," said Patrick Ogurek, an attorney for the 14-year-old. "She's looking forward to going back to school someplace. She's in counseling (and has) a very supportive family.

"She truly would not harm anyone."

 But the police say the girls' plan included a detailed map of the gym.  They were to wait at an assembly, then shoot the staff and students with small guns brought to school in their backpacks. Luckily that never happened.

FOX 2: "Did she consider a joke?"

"I would say yes," Ogurek said.

No joke to prosecutors, who are charging the girls with threatening terrorism, a crime which could lend them in a juvenile jail until they are 19 years old.  The girls did spend 19 days in Children's Village, before posting bond. 

"It's tough," Ogurek said. "She's away from mom, away from her loved ones. Her grandmother. She's on a tether. She missed one grandmother's funeral. That's really hard. It is a tough lesson to learn.

"She's very young, very naivie. Got a very big heart, she really does."

Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Cheryl Matthews allowed the teens to remain on home arrest, but made sure there were no guns in the house.  

The hearing was brief but a deal could still be in the works due to how young the girls are with no history of a criminal background.

If not, a trial would start in September.