Teens egg Detroit house, cause car crash while fleeing

After throwing eggs and flour at her ex's house, a teen attempted to flee but caused a car crash in Detroit last Friday.

"It was eggs, jiffy mix, flour water," said Nisha Anderson, whose house near Puritan and Schaefer was targeted. 

Anderson's 17-year-old brother had dated one of the girls who threw the cake ingredients at their home; she was joined by other teens.

"I guess she got mad because he broke up with her because he had a female friend, and she had a guy friend – it was basically a relationship problem," Anderson said.

The teens hopped into an SUV to flee, ignoring a stop sign and crashing into another vehicle.

"I was a little frustrated because you just put somebody else in something that had nothing to do with anything," Anderson said.

A woman driving the other car suffered non-life-threatening injuries and was taken to a hospital. 

The teens fled the scene but did not make it far. 

"Cops caught up with them. Only thing the cops did was give them a ticket and send them home with their parents," Anderson said.

The crash was captured by a neighbor who was sitting on his porch – Jordan Powers. The video went viral on social media.

"I usually see stuff like that on social media not in real life," said Powers.

No charges are being filed.