Tennis ball device sparks bomb scare at Dearborn Heights City Hall

Tense moments at Dearborn Heights City Hall after a tennis ball bomb was found outside near basketball courts.

Police cordoned off the area Thursday morning, keeping employees inside the building and residents away from the potentially explosive device.

A Dearborn Heights police officer who was making his rounds, discovered the device and called in the Michigan State Police bomb squad.

"He saw a tennis ball that was wrapped in duct tape with paper towel attached to it which could be a wick," said Sgt. Steve Popp of Dearborn Heights police. "His experience it was potential for explosive device."

The MSP bomb squad arrived and quickly sent the robot to cut open the tennis ball and see what was inside. It turned out to be not dangerous inside with only the paper towel inside.

"The danger of it could be close to commercial firework going off," said Sgt. A.J. Bray. "It definitely could have harmed someone or caused serious injury."

The evidence was handed over to the Dearborn Heights Police Department. Officers will now investigate who may be responsible for the homemade device.

"Most likely probably juveniles," Bray said. "Usually find these sort of things on internet and decided to make it."

Police want to remind people if you see something threatening like that, be sure to walk away and dial 911.