The American's with Charlie LeDuff: Charlie LeDuff gassed for second time in Ferguson

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For the second time in one night, The Americans team in Ferguson was hit with tear gas.

As Charlie LeDuff was working on a live report for FOX in Detroit, a tear gas canister was shot at his feet. Charlie tried to continue his live shot but was overcome by tear gas.

After getting a few feet away from the canister, Charlie sat behind a table and described the scene: Heavily armored trucks, helicopters, police pointing long-barrel guns, and cop cars destroyed.

The difference between November and August, Charlie said, was the lack of spontaneity. In August, it was a spontaneous explosion of anger but now, it almost seemed like a show.

Watch Charlie describe the scene that he was a part of in great detail.


Earlier LeDuff and his crew also experienced tear gas as police ramped up their response.