The American's with Charlie LeDuff: Media members outnumber protesters in Ferguson

In Ferguson, Missouri, speculation is high among the media that the grand jury decision on whether to charge a white officer in the shooting of an unarmed black teenager may come as early as Friday. But as we await the decision, what role does the media serve? Charlie LeDuff turned the camera around

Hundreds, maybe thousands, of reporters have converged on the St. Louis suburb to feed the news beast. But the decision hasn't been announced yet so are they all just sitting and waiting? And what are they waiting on? A riot? Are they just fanning the flames? At one event, a dozen protesters show up to about three dozen media members. That's a 1 to 3 ratio.

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There are so many cameras in the city, you can't even wish a man Merry Christmas without it showing up on YouTube. Charlie was talking with a member of the media while someone else recorded the conversation. 

Apparently everyone is the media. All you need is a cell phone and Twitter account. But whether they're mainstream media or do-it-yourselfers, people are getting tired of the exploitation.

Check out the video above to watch the media circus as the anticipation grows for a grand jury decision.