The Packard Plant demolition is in full swing

You know the "other" part of the Packard Plant? The one owned by the city that some say look like a meteor hit it?

It's coming down. Not just by its own accord either. The city is spending $1.3 million to demolish the building.

"It's a massive effort," said Brian Farkas, director of special projects for the City of Detroit Building Authority. "The contractors got the crews in, from across the state doing this work, we've got water on the site protecting the dust."

Built in the 1900's, it's hard to imagine seeing automobiles roll off the assembly line at a now blighted building. Shut down and abandoned for more than six decades, many can now look forward to what will fill the void of a soon-to-be torn down building.

While the demolition started in January, it's going to take five months before its completed.