The two-minute routine to get younger, fresher skin

We've all had the wish that our skin would look a little younger and fresher. America's Holistic Plastic Surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn tells us all we need is two minutes in the morning and in the evening to make a big difference.

The morning's routine is all about protecting your skin.

Dr. Youn has three steps for the morning. First, cleanse your skin. Second, apply an antioxidant like Vitamin C to fight off all the grime and debris, like pollution or smoke that damages our skin throughout the day. Lastly, use sunscreen. Many makeups have sunscreen built right in. Dr. Youn says we need to be using at least SPF 30.

The nighttime routine is all about rejuvenating the skin.

First, Dr. Youn says to cleanse the skin again to get rid of the day's worth of grime that's built up. Then, apply your anti-aging cream.

Dr. Youn says retinol-cased creams are the most scientifically proven to fight aging. They're not too expensive, but they are aggressive. So, if that irritates your skin, Dr. Youn recommends growth factors or peptide-based creams.