The UAW investigation; gas station crime

Part One:
The FBI raided several locations in multiple states in their ongoing investigation of the UAW. The target of those raids: the current and past presidents of the union. This is happening just as negotiations are getting underway with The Big Three. 

What are the feds looking for, and what did they find? Can the union's leadership survive yet another scandal? 

On the panel: 
Andy Arena, Detroit Crime Commission
Brian Pannebecker, Ford auto worker
John McElroy, Autoline Detroit
Paul Eisenstein,

Part Two: 
A gas station clerk in Detroit shot at a man stealing chips, but he hit the wrong guy. He ended up in jail facing charges. 

Protestors shut down the gas station for days, but now the near-tragedy has turned into a partnership between gas station owners and the community with the shared goal of reducing crime and improving safety. 

On the panel: 
Brenda Hill, political consultant
Minister Freedom, community activist
Nasser Beydoun, chairman of Arab American Civil Rights League