Thieves help themselves to toddler toys in Oak Park garage

An Oak Park family was the target of two thieves caught on camera stealing toys right out of the garage. 

They were caught on Cat Demetsenare's security camera. 

She tells us she realized what had happened when she was reviewing her footage, trying to figure out how she got a cut in one of her window screens. She stumbled across a part in the video where she saw an usual car parked in front of her house. She kept watching and eventually saw two guys walking down her driveway with her son's toys. 

One man took an inflatable pool -- and the second was carrying a child's bike in each hand. 

"It's absolutely just devastating. Hes' a toddler; he doesn't deserve something like this," Demetsenare says. "It's heartberaking that somebody would steal from a kid. There's plenty of other things in that garage that are for adults that I almost would feel better if they would've taken that instead."

She says she's filed a police report and has told her neighbors what happened. She hopes someone sees her video and recognizes the suspects, or knows where her son's toys ended up. 

If you think you recognize the suspects or the toys, call Oak Park Police.