Three Pitbull puppies rescued after being found on highway

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WEB UPDATE (10pm):

According to Theresa Sumpter, Detroit Pit Crew, all three puppies rescued from the side of I-94 have been diagnosed with parvo. Initially only one puppy tested positive for the incurable bug.

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Three abandoned pitbull puppies are on the road to recovery after a DTE worker found them stranded in plastic bin on I-94 near Cadieux.

"As he approached you know he was driving his vehicle. He saw that the bin was moving and he saw one of these little puppies pop their heads up." said Theresa Sumpter, Detroit Pit Crew.

The DTE worker called Detroit pit crew dog rescue and got the puppies to safety before they were picked up by the wrong people, attacked by other animals or worse.

"They could've been hit by a car.", said Sumpter.

The puppies are now being treated by Dr. Gary Duchan with Center Line Veterinary Hospital.

He said, "Nobody should do that. There shouldn't be a question. You shouldn't have to learn that."

One of the dogs is in really bad shape. She is burdened by an incurable bug.

"She started throwing up blood. She threw up some plastic and we tested her for parvo and she did test positive for parvo.", said Sumpter.

Dr. Duchan said, "Sometimes the other puppies can be acting and looking fine and even on our laboratory work will be fine that day or the following but it could later test positive for parvo as well."

The pups are about 12-weeks-old.

They warmed up to the Detroit pit crew dog rescue members and Dr. Duchan and probably would have done the same to the person or people that abandoned them.

"We don't understand why anybody would do that." said Sumpter.

The dogs are being treated and tested for other health problems.

After it's all done and they're in tip top shape they'll go up for adoption.