Three-year-old killed in accident on Detroit's west side

The Detroit Police Department says a three-year-old died after an accident on the west side Tuesday morning.

Police say the accident happened in the 16500 block of Fenmore around, just a few blocks south of Southfield and McNichols. 

Police at the scene said they're still trying to find out how it happened. Police said a Ford Escape was headed south on Fenmore at an unknown speed when it suddenly jumped the curb and hit a tree. It bounced back and somehow wound up wedged between two trees.

Detroit Police tell FOX 2's Erika Erickson the child was not properly strapped in at the time of the accident. 

When the accident happened, Kelly Harris and nurse Kahlilah Edmonson ran right up to the car to try to save the child. The two neighbors said the boy was pulled from the vehicle but he was already fading.

"I was trying to save the little baby because he had no pulse." Edmonson said.

Detroit police say the boy's 34-year-old father, who family members identify as Demetrius Browning, was driving at high rate of speed down Fenmore and ended up crashing and wedging the silver Escape between two trees. 

In the backseat were his girlfriend's six and nine year old daughters and three-year-old Nathaniel. The boy was in a car seat but was not strapped in properly and died of internal injuries. 

With no time to wait for the ambulance, Edmonson said she packed everyone into her car and drove to the hospital. Unfortunately, the boy didn't make it. Harris said that made the difference.

"If the ambulance would have came, he still had a pulse," Harris said. "If they would have just came, he would still be here."

The girls were originally taken to the hospital in critical condition but have been upgraded to serious. The father's injuries were not serious.

The driver's record shows a suspended license, drunk driving arrest, and no insurance. Police say they're still investigating and that charges could still come.