Tiger let loose at Packard Plant, recaptured

Detroit police confirm to FOX 2 that a tiger was on the loose at the old Packard Plant on Detroit's east side but has now been recaptured.

Police say a British film crew was shooting inside the plant and brought a tiger with them. Police say the crew let the tiger go at some point and are now unable to track down the wild animal.

According to FOX 2's Hannah Saunders, Packard Plant security confirmed the tiger was recovered safely.

Detroit Police say the film crew has been kicked off the property and officials started searching for the animal.

Officials with the Packard Plant tell FOX 2 the film crew was granted permission to shoot on the property but not to use wild animals. They say the crew snuck a tiger, bobcat, and wolf onto the grounds. 

The same official also says the tiger was never out of anyone's site but was free of any cage or chains.

Andy Didorosi with the Detroit Bus Company posted this video on Instagram that shows the tiger inside the plant:

Shortly after posting the video, Didorosi wrote on Facebook that the tiger was secure. 

Didorosi posted a video as they captured the tiger. In that video, another man can be heard saying "this feels like the dumbest thing we've ever done". Watch the video of the capture here: App users, tap here to watch



Skyfox was over the plant earlier in the day. Watch the video here: