Tips for hanging wall decor with an anchor

This week, our Jill of All Trades, Jill Washburn, shows us what it takes to hang heavier items on the wall.  

Obviously, if you can nail or screw into a 2x4 stud, that's your best option. But often, where you want to hang something for design purposes and where the studs are located don't always match up.  At that point, you need an anchor.

While most normal size pictures can be hung on drywall using only a nail or a drywall screw, heavier items will definitely need a drywall anchor. 

There are many types and sizes but they generally fall into two categories: anchors that spread within the wall to create a tight fit around the hanging screw, and anchors that spread on the backside of the wall to brace from behind.

Jill shows a variety of options in the video, but she says your best bet may be to go to your local hardware store and ask questions. The people there are more than happy to help.  

If you can bring the item or even a picture of the item with you so that they can get an idea of the size/weight of what you're trying to hang, that will be helpful.  

Jill advises that if you're stuck between two different anchors or two different sizes of an anchor, choose the heavier duty option.


To watch Jill demonstrate some of the options, click on the video player above.