Tony Hawk visits Detroit for reopening of Wayfinding skate park

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Tony Hawk and fellow world famous skaters celebrate the re-opening of Wayfinding, Detroit's public art installation and skate park. 

Some fans came from out of state to meet the pro skater and the 4600 square foot park.

"I've never seen him in person I think it’s really cool to have met him, just to see him," Gabriel Bigliotti said.

Samarria Brevard came from Riverside California to visit the skate park and meet the pro skater.

"It's fun, I really like the stairs, they could use a little more run up but it's still pretty good, that hip, pretty good. I really like the box because it's blue and that's my favorite color," she said.

The Tony Hawk foundation has awarded $6 million dollars to nearly 600 skate projects like this one.