Transgender woman attacked at bar in Dearborn

Courtney Purvis told Fox 2 she is a victim of a hate crime. "I was stabbed in the back. The stab wound was so deep you would have thought I had gotten shot," says Purvis. 

Courtney and her sister where at the Post Bar in Dearborn Tuesday night enjoying dinner and music when they headed outside of the bar. That is when Courtney says she was attacked. 

Purvis describes how the incident began, "elbow to elbow, you get shoved. You get over it. But this kind of shove, was I don't like you. The friend she was with said oh do we have a problem. Then words were exchanged, the girl started saying hateful things to her, they went back and forth."

About a half hour later, Courtney says she went back outside to the patio area and the attack soon followed. 

"Outbof nowhere I felt something tug my leg and by the time I turned around, I get hit in the face with a bottle," says Purvis. 

Courtney says she doesn't know who did this but plans on pressing charges once those responsible are caught. 

When looking back on the incident, Purvis says she is tired of the hate and just wants it to stop. 

Dearborn Police tell us they're talking to witnesses and investigating the matter further.