Troubled Dearborn nightclub could suffer liquor license loss

Some Dearborn residents are calling a local nightclub a nuisance. They say it brings everything from loud noise to gang violence.

Dearborn City council members say something has to be done about LIV lounge, a Michigan Avenue nightclub attracting so much crime and gun violence, police are having to call for outside help.

Now the LIV lounge nightclub is at risk of losing its liquor license, following a series of shootings and fights

"When you get to that level it takes concern," said Mike Sareini, Dearborn councilmember. "Because what happens is the rest of the citizins because the resources are not there at that time."

At least two of the incidents under review are cases of shots fired. One person was shot last month during a crowded night on the dance floor.

"LIV lounge wants to do whatever is necessary to solve all those particular issues," said Cyril Hall, attorney for Liv Lounge.

Attorney Cyril Hall who represents Liv Lounge says the club is being unfairly targeted.

"They're acting like we are utilizing an inordinate amount of resources," Hall said. "Well Liv Lounge pays probably $40,000 in business taxes, then you have sales taxes. So it's a lot of money being spent."

He also says LIV Lounge is now working with the city to make it safer.

"They've made policy decisions about it, dress code, age restrictions and the like," Hall said. "And that will change some of the problems that they've had in the past."

City council members will also consider the loss of a liquor license which could mean, loss of livelihood.

"We're not trying to hurt business," Sareini said. "But we have to protect the residents. There has to be a balance. We have to strike a balance between our residents and businesses."

If you have an opinion on this, there will be a public hearing at Dearborn City Council Chambers Monday night at 6 p.m.